In planning your child’s birthday celebration, you will surely stumble upon many things such as invitations, food, and activities. If you are planning your child’s party, then you might consider these useful birthday party hacks. 

  Photo Booth 

    All you need is a backdrop and some props and camera of your own.  You can also ask parents to snap the photos themselves since everyone seems to carry a cell phone. Well, if you really want to have a professional photographer, you can hire photo booth rental Portland to provide professional services and capture memorable moments. 

    Make Your Own Tattoos  

    You can surely get temporary tattoos at the party store, but if you can’t find tattoos that will fit your party theme, then you can have a printer and the clip art that you like. All that you will need is a temporary tattoo paper. Simply follow the directions to create your own custom temporary tattoos once you obtain the paper. 

    Face Stamping 

    In kid’s parties, face painting has become somewhat a staple activity. You a can either hire someone else to do it or ask a friend or actually do it yourself if you want face painting at your party.  


    The original birthday hack is using balloons. They can cater for everything from decorations to party favors because they are colorful, fun, and inexpensive. Kids of all ages surely love balloons. Floating balloons have been even more accessible to party hosts because of the availability of DIY balloon kits.  

    The shortage, as well as the cost of them, had led to many creative and cheap ways to use balloons. You could possibly build an entire party around a bunch of balloons and you can even write the party details in the balloons and hand deliver these balloons invitations to your guests.  

    You can also play these balloon party games and use a bunch of balloons as the centerpiece in your table, send the balloons as a favor as the kids go back to their respective homes. The children will greatly appreciate your giveaway. 

    Prepare Individual Food Servings 

    Here is a hack that will save you time, stress, and mess whatever you choose to feed the kids at your party. It is advisable to pre-measure your options. Scoop individual portions into cupcake wrappers and set one at each setting rather than have a big bowl in which everyone can dip their hands.  

    Use a small cake as a decorative birthday cake when dessert time comes. You must bake a sheet cake with the same flavor as your display cake. So that you will have ready to go servings as soon as the candles have been blown out, pre-sliced and pre-plate the slices of sheet cake. 

    It is also advantageous to pre scoop your ice cream and place on a cookie sheet. You will have ready to eat portions waiting to be served at dessert time if you slide the cookie sheet into the freezer. You will also not stumble upon so much mess because of the ice cream dripping on your floor.