In an area where there are trees, sooner or later one of those trees will fall on your property and that is something which is beyond your control that you only hope would never happen. In case something like this happens to you, here are some ideas you want to remember during an emergency situation.

The best thing you can do is to stay calm in any emergency situation. Well-meaning neighbors who do not understand the inherent forces may offer advice on how the situation could be best handled but remember that they are not professionals so just stay calm. 

Stay away from the fallen tree, don’t make the situation worst. Trees that looks like it is solidly supported or that tree that stuck on the ground fast often shift or roll and can cause injuries. Keep passerby clear, block off the perimeter to reduce the risk of someone to get injured while the tree is unsafe. Someone getting hurt in your property only make the situation worst. Also make sure to put a sign on your door inside to prevent any person from using the affected exits. This could be dangerous if someone forgot there is a big tree falls down outside. 

Also, check if there are power lines involved and if you see one and always remember to do this from a distance. It is advisable to turn off your power or unplug your electronics even most modern electronics are now surge protected, it is less of a factor but it is still something you might want to consider. Immediately call the local power company and alert them about what had happen. 

Contact your local Cincinnati tree service company that provide emergency tree service and maybe take some pictures with your phone for you to show them. It would be faster for them to take action if they have idea of the situation. Tree Service Company that provides an emergency service that should be able to send someone to look at the place and examine the situation more roughly thirty minutes and dispatch crew and equipment in another thirty minutes even on weekdays and holidays. Speed is very important in this situation to lessen the damage caused by water to your house interior especially if it is raining. 

Tree Service Company who routinely deal with this kind of situation will usually bill your insurance company at an hourly rate if you have so there is no need to have an estimate in the cost of their service. This is ideal for you as they take on the responsibility for collecting their service fee from the insurance company and only require your cooperation by providing information to the insurance company.  

There are companies that don’t handle payment process this way. They might give you a bid first which you decide to accept or not. Trees which are damaged by nature are more of a challenge and more work so expect that the fee will cost more and sometimes double compared normal situation where the work is in schedule.